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The agency of “Saytim.az” is engaged in the development of websites, providing technical support, social media, Seo, advertising and preparing of information. We offer you, preparing any type of websites and ranking the forefront of search engines. The websites, which we prepared, are responsive and divided into two parts: with admin panel and without admin panel.

Our mission is to offer continuous, high quality and professional web services that our customers can fully utilize. Our work principles are consist of presenting quality, responsible, creative and politely web services our customers and to bear responsibility from the beginning to the end.



Website development
Mobil aplikasiyalar
Mobile apps


Technical service
Qrafik və Logo dizayn
Graphic and logo design
Google Adwords, Seo
Adwords, Seo
Internet market
Web dizayn
Web design
Qr recognition


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+994 (55) 644 40 47
+994 (51) 554 06 61


Nizami street 203B – Af Business House

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